MizkaoZ & Valkyrja

MizkaoZ & Valkyrja (a.k.a. the Kaoz Girls)

Zaterdag en Zondag (doorlopend)

Ignite the magical flame for the night with a fusion of Bellydance & Fire!

KaoZ was found when a troupe of tribal belly dancers and best friends started to create duets and dance choreo’s together while having a lot of fun doing so. Having the same chaotic point of view on dance and life itself, they decided to call their new project KaoZ. And they decided to entertain the world as such, but not alone…

KaoZ is now an expanding and varying semi-professional group of dancers, fire artists, jugglers,.. Varying? Yes!

The artists within this tribe come and go as they wish. They all enjoy the freedom to be involved in a certain dance project or performance or not. So as the members fuse with each other, their dance and performance changes according to each showcase or audience.

KaoZ is delighted to spice up your event with (fire) dancers and other artists and invites you to have a taste of the out of the ordinary!

KaoZ all chaotic at Koen&Haico's party Kessel Lovideo Boyen Jess

Geplaatst door MizkaoZ - KaoZ op Zondag 12 april 2015